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Waiting For You

I am the bird who hops and pecks
I am the mountain standing tall and firm
I am the sky so vast and open
I am the clouds with wispy fans

I am the juniper bush, fragrant when you pass
I am the lizard slithering playfully on your window sill
I am the scorpion, deadly despite my size
I am the sand, little scorpions tiny feet make imprints on me

I am the sun, hot and strong, lighting your day
I am the earth, allowing roots for  trees and flowers
I am the tiny yellow buds, here for a short moment,
Just to make you happy.

I am the sage, ancient, medicinal, sacred
I am rocks, hard and solid and heavy
I am the rain, so precious and clean
I am the stream, here to refresh you

I am the stars at night, to delight you and show you the way
I am the moon, reflecting all that is, quietly
I am the coyote, playful, singing and with my clan
I am the bear, fierce, elusive and motherly

I am the snake, misunderstood and feared, because I create change
I am the hummingbird bringing you joy
I am the mosquito just to test your patience
I am the ant, busy with my duties

I am your shadow, never there twice
I am the grass, so you may rest at ease
I am the silt at the bottom of the stream, so you can cool your toes
I am life itself, enjoy me now because

I am death and I will come for you
Sooner than you think
For you do not think of me
Though I am over your shoulder


For you.


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Not Me

Trippers and askers surround me,


People I meet…the effect upon me of my early life…of the ward and city I live in…of the nation,


The latest news…discoveries, inventions, societies…authors old and new,


My dinner, dress, associates, looks, business, compliments, dues,


The real or fancied indifference of some man or woman I love,


The sickness of one of my folks – or of myself…or ill-doing…or loss or lack of money…or depressions or exaltations,


They come to me days and nights and go from me again,


But they are not the Me myself.


~Walt Whitman


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Share Your Gifts



A gift isn’t fully realised until it is given away, then. Those who will not acknowledge gratitude or who refuse to labor in its service neither free their gifts nor really come to possess them.

~ Lewis Hyde, The Gift


Photo credit from National Geographic

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Expect the Unexpected

You can never really count on things going the way you think they will, but here in Crestone, you can pretty much assume things will not go the way you think. After tending my garden for several weeks this summer, here’s what August weather can look like around here:






It definitely keeps you on your toes!

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The Best Remedy I Know

Nature's Remedy

If ever the pace of life get’s you down, hurry up and take one of these…a walk in the wilderness. Nothing has the ability to renew my body and calm my mind and remind me of the preciousness of this human birth like a day in the mountains. Works every time.

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A View As Vast As Space

sand dunes

“Although my view is as vast as space, when comes to the nature of actions and their consequences, I am extremely precise, like little particles of flour.” (Or sand.)

~Guru Rinpoche