Make a Wish

The Great Stupa of Dharmakaya at Boudhanath is said to grant wishes to those who ask with faith and devotion. Five years ago, I made the journey to Nepal to try my luck. My root guru passed away before I met him, (you’d have to understand the teachings of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche to know whatContinue reading “Make a Wish”

3 New Year Revolutions

Every year, the calendar reaches its final page and I am confronted with a blank sheet–12 new months of possibility, wide open for whatever I want to invite. And each year, there is a whiff of hope, an inkling of inspiration as I contemplate a new life, filled with everything I want, and none ofContinue reading “3 New Year Revolutions”

Beginners Mind for Yogis

Here’s the honest to god truth: after over twenty years of devoted (bordering on obsessive) yoga and meditation practice, I am amazed at how much time I still spend criticizing myself, judging others and wanting things to be different than they are. Wanting things, in general. Or, not wanting things. Being mad at how ourContinue reading “Beginners Mind for Yogis”

This Precious Life

It’s not always easy to be grateful for this unique life with all of its less-than-perfect moments. Sometimes the veil gets thick, and it’s hard to see what’s real. With all the chaos in the world, it’s especially important to dwell in gratitude, rather than its opposite. Someone reminded me recently that the only reasonContinue reading “This Precious Life”

More Failure Equals More Success

I’ve noticed that the biggest difference between wildly successful people and total failures is that the successful people fail more. –Martha Beck This quote hit me like a brick. I am ashamed to admit to you how much time I waste fretting about my failures: no husband, no children, I’ve “failed” to stay in oneContinue reading “More Failure Equals More Success”

Ashtanga Yoga and Beginners Mind — Part 2

When I first started on this path 20 years ago (see last week’s post if you missed that) I was a grad student training to be a psychotherapist. Yoga was a way to develop a connection to my body, to heal the disconnect after a lifetime of unhealthy relationships that mirrored patterns I had learnedContinue reading “Ashtanga Yoga and Beginners Mind — Part 2”