Posted by: Kim Roberts | April 21, 2014

Nepal Yoga Retreat and Pilgrimage, March 2015

Nepal Yoga Retreat and Pilgrimage, March 2015

Practice or learn yoga and meditation while visiting sacred sites throughought the Kathmandu Valley with masters of yoga and meditation.

Join us for a magical 10 days of practice and pilgrimage through the Kathmandu Valley. We will visit sacred Buddhist sites throughout the Kathmandu Valley and practice daily yoga asana, meditation and teachings from Tibetan Buddhist masters. This is an incredible and rare opportunity to study both yoga and Buddhist philosophy and go deeply into both practices with teacher experienced in both traditions while immersed in the culture that spawned the Buddha.

Click here for more information and a detailed itinerary.


Send me a message if you are interested to learn more about this amazing retreat. There are very few spaces available. This is an incredible opportunity to experience the sacred sites of this mysterious land with experienced guides. If you have ever wanted to visit Nepal but didn’t know how or where to start, this is your chance! Don’t miss this unique opportunity! Write to me if you have questions.



Posted by: Kim Roberts | April 14, 2014

The epic battle of good and evil at Suvarnabhumi airport

No, this is not about airport closures and political stand-offs. This is a much more fundamental conflict.

On your way out of Bangkok next time, check out this massive installation at Suvarnabhumi airport. This is a classic Indian story about how we process the experience of life and turn it into nectar. The god Vishnu transforms himself into a turtle to allow the gods and demons to battle it out. As expected, there is no clear winner between good and evil, but simply experience, and character, that results from engaging in the battle.




Posted by: Kim Roberts | March 31, 2014

Lunch in Varanasi

After all that pilgriming, sometimes it’s nice to sit down to a good wholesome vegetarian meal. Aum Cafe on Assi Ghat is a little haven of fresh salads, juices and creative vegetarian food. My preferred lunch spot on the Ganga!

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Posted by: Kim Roberts | March 24, 2014

Secret spots of Sarnath, Part 2

Continuing on last week’s theme of places to stay and eat in Sarnath, here is my personal favorite: Namo Buddha guesthouse. This is where I stay when I am here.


Run by German born Chris Teich and her husband Nehru, this is a little oasis of calm in dusty Sarnath. she only has 3 proper guest rooms, plus a grass hut on the roof and 2 tents if necessary. Don’t look for luxury here: think cold water bucket baths. But if you plan ahead you can use one of her solar heated hot water bags for a warm bucket bath, and if you wait til the midday sun is blazing, it actually works out well.


She bakes brown bread in a solar powered oven on the roof, and serves it up each morning with home-made jam from local fruits, fresh local peanut butter, and nice hot porridge. Occasionally she also serves a fabulous vegetarian lunch, so stop by to ask if that’s happening. It’s a great place to meet fellow pilgrims–I’ve made some life-long friends at this breakfast table.


Namo Buddha Paying Guest House

SA 10/81 Baraipur, Sarnath, Varanasi 221007

Mobile: 09 935 529 619


Posted by: Kim Roberts | March 17, 2014

Secret spots of Sarnath, Part 1

I’ll give this to you straight: don’t come to Sarnath looking for creature comforts. This is a sacred power spot, the place where the historical Buddha first turned the wheel of the Dharma, giving his first talk here at Deer Park. You come here for Dharma teachings, or pilgrimage.

My teacher Thrangu Rinpoche has a monastery here, and comes to give teachings every year. So, comfort or not, I come. Out of necessity, I’ve discovered a few secret spots– guesthouses and eateries–to nourish the body while absorbing the highest Vajrayana teachings to nourish the mind.

Here is the first installment in a series I’ll continue next week.

Shiva Guest House serves a nice thali if you let lovely Kalpana Sharma know a day beforehand. She also has several spacious guest rooms in her massive home that she rents for very reasonable fees. Don’t forget to check out her shop on the roof, where she sells handicrafts made by the disadvantaged girls she helps through her NGO. It’s also located a mere 4 minute walk from Vajra Vidya, so it’s very close to Rinpoche’s teachings, in case his guesthouse is full.

Contact details below.

20140306_130457 20140306_130347 20140306_130246 20140306_130337

Shiva Guest House

Sa.13/46 M-# Khajuhi, Sarnath, Varanasi 221007

Phone:  +91 542 259 5760,

Mobile: 09 454 732 691


Posted by: Kim Roberts | March 10, 2014

Thrangu Rinpoche in Sarnath

Blessed to be with a great being in this sacred place where the Buddha first taught the Dharma.

May all beings benefit


Posted by: Kim Roberts | March 3, 2014

Old meets new in Hong Kong

Just back from a short visit to my old neighborhood, Sheung Wan, in Hong Kong. Nothing like trying to maintain mindfulness in the midst of busyness and chaos. It’s a great place to practice.20140225_162503 20140226_121301 20140226_121137 20140226_104218 20140226_161202

Posted by: Kim Roberts | February 24, 2014

Chiang Rai Clocktower

One of the highlights of a visit to humble Chiang Rai is the new clocktower light show. Each evening from 7-9, on the hour (so at 7, 8 and 9pm) you get a song and a dance, accompanied by colored lights.
If you plan ahead, you can stroll down the market lane from the old clocktower to the new clocktower, and if the season is right, you can get a mango sticky rice to enjoy at the show.




20131117_190149 20131117_190139

Posted by: Kim Roberts | February 17, 2014

Pema Chodron on Compassion

If ever you need a reminder on why to practice Dharma, Pema’s message of love is the only reminder you need. Enjoy.

Giving Our Best: A Retreat with Pema Chödrön on Practicing the Way of the Bodhisattva – Trailer from Shambhala Publications on Vimeo.

Posted by: Kim Roberts | February 11, 2014

Chiang Dao Temple

On a journey to explore the northern highlands of Thailand this weekend, we ended up at the Chiang Dao temple, Wat Tham Pha Plong. The founding monk, Luang Poo Sim Buddhacaro, landed here after spending the earlier part of his life wandering as a solitary forest monk, meditating and sleeping in caves.

Chiang Dao temple 2

On a silent walk up the 500 steps to the temple at dawn, reminders of how to live in the present moment are posted along the path.

Chiang Dao Temple path

Mindfulness sign Chiang Dao

Protectors looking out over the valley below.

Chiang Dao Dragon

chiang dao beetle

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