Greetings from Phu Quoc

Greetings from Phu Quoc!

Maybe you are asking yourself this: “Where the hell is Phu Quoc?”  It’s here……

We are about a half day’s swim (this is a guess, not something I know from experience) from the quaint little village of Kampot, Cambodia.  It would be an easy day trip by boat, if the Cambodian military weren’t patrolling the waters. They claim Phu Quoc, leftover tension from their Khmer nightmare, and so the border is tightly closed between these 2 countries except at 2 inland crossings.  Rumors are circulating that this will change very soon, but as yet they are still rumors.

Very little happens here.  Gentle waves, nice sunsets, palms and flowers and all the tropical accoutrements, a few cows and chickens and lots of butterflies.  It’s a great place to watch the mind, as the outer distractions are few, so the inner distractions become more evident.

So this is the space where I attempt to fill everyone in on what is happening here….how things are coming along to get a practice situation organized.  Also it is a promise to myself to write more regularly and a hope that my mental wanderings may benefit some beings, somewhere out there… I hope to post monthly updates on the first of the month, at least.  Any questions, feedback, ideas, suggestions, recipes, household tips, deep thoughts, rantings, ravings, philosophical musings, religious awakenings, ideological banter and crazed diatribes are welcome.  So stay tuned…

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