Desire in the Dark Age

Clearly we are at the deep end of the dark age. I can tell because I’ve spent the last week eating cheese puffs. Like most of us here in the desire realm, I grasp at the world of form in a misguided attempt to reduce suffering. The array of distractions is vast: Cary Grant films,Continue reading “Desire in the Dark Age”

Why You Need to Reinvent Yourself

Q: Why do you need to keep reinventing yourself? A: Because you do. I know, you hate that answer. So did I. But by now, you’ve probably figured out that there’s no such thing as a straight shot when finding your way in life. Four steps forward, eight steps back; three steps forward, and theContinue reading “Why You Need to Reinvent Yourself”

More Failure Equals More Success

I’ve noticed that the biggest difference between wildly successful people and total failures is that the successful people fail more. –Martha Beck This quote hit me like a brick. I am ashamed to admit to you how much time I waste fretting about my failures: no husband, no children, I’ve “failed” to stay in oneContinue reading “More Failure Equals More Success”