Sometimes the most important practice is to ground in the present moment, doing everyday things with awareness. Nature, physical exercise, and…cooking! I’m cooking at the Buddhist center for a couple of weeks until their new chef arrives.  I’d forgotten what an amazing practice this is….there is no room for discursiveness or fantasy when the soupContinue reading “Crestone”

A Visit from Khyentse Yangsi Rinpoche

My neighbor from Bhutan is here in Crestone. As a result, we’ve had a whirlwind morning preparing chai and offering rice to host our young dignitary with his entourage. His Holiness is on his first ever tour outside of Bhutan, and the excitement is palpable, with old students of his predecessor, Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, havingContinue reading “A Visit from Khyentse Yangsi Rinpoche”

A Meeting with the Trees

Yesterday I convened an emergency meeting with the trees.  I know we’re in the middle of summer holiday, but important issues begged to be addressed, so I fled deep into thick forest, sat on the bushy needly earth and pleaded my case. I needed guidance and I needed it now. Getting there was tricky.  IContinue reading “A Meeting with the Trees”

Keep on Keeping On

I’ve been enchanted by Taos, New Mexico, where I’ve spent the past month. I attended the Taos Summer Writer’s Conference and taught a bit at Shree Yoga, but mostly I’ve just been marveling at the gorgeous scenery. It recently occurred to me that this journey is not necessarily leading anywhere.  What a relief!  Because IContinue reading “Keep on Keeping On”

The Fruit of a New Season

It is a strange phenomenon in the universe that when you are not meant to do something, you can work and work, and nothing will come of it. By contrast, when you are meant to be somewhere, there is absolutely no effort involved and things just fall into place. This has been my experience inContinue reading “The Fruit of a New Season”

Ask and You Shall Receive

A  few days ago I walked up the hill to see Rabjam Rinpoche.  I had a few questions about how to proceed in my life.  I asked him to do a mo, or divination for me.  It turns out he refers all mo activity to one of his monks who is apparently the mo specialist. Continue reading “Ask and You Shall Receive”

Nothing Happening

Nothing happens in Bhutan.  Even when you think something is happening, it isn’t. Sure, it looks like stuff is happening.  Cows traipse in the middle of the road, eagles soar in tandem overhead, pine trees droop and drape and announce themselves with great dignity over vast expanses of hillside.  Large Indian army trucks honk theirContinue reading “Nothing Happening”

A New Season in Paro

Back in Bhutan and things are exciting.  We have the UNDP “Sustaining Democracy in Asia” conference at the hotel, with high level representatives from all the Asian governments. One of the first reminders of what I’ve missed during this summer away is completely altered sense of time here.  Another way of saying, nothing works asContinue reading “A New Season in Paro”