Two Great Masters in Sarnath

One of the saving graces of samsara at the end of the dark age is that there are bright points of light that punctuate the darkness. I have the incredible good fortune to spend a few weeks in Sarnath (where the Buddha gave his first teachings after attaining enlightenment under the bodhi tree) with notContinue reading “Two Great Masters in Sarnath”

Home on the Range

After 10 years of wandering with storage units in 6 different countries, I have finally unpacked and settled in to my new home in Colorado. I’m not going out much these days…mostly sitting by the fire watching the snow fall outside. My closest neighbors have hoofs and antlers and roam around the open range. Hey…IContinue reading “Home on the Range”

Kagyu Monlam

I’ve spent the last two weeks in Bodhgaya with 5ooo devoted Buddhist pilgrims from all over the world and dozens of high lamas leading us in chanting and prayers for peace. Each morning from 6 am we follow along with our chant book, sometimes chanting, sometimes reading the English translation, sometimes simply sitting quietly toContinue reading “Kagyu Monlam”

A New Season

Mornings are cooler these days as the mountainside turns to yellow. The shift has been accompanied by a visit from Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, with his profound Dzogchen teachings from the Bon Tradition. According to Dzogchen, the “Great Perfection,” the natural state of our mind is spaciousness, and everything that occurs in our mind arises fromContinue reading “A New Season”