The Birth of Awareness

A version of this article appeared in the April issue of Namaskar. In the eight-limbed path of Ashtanga yoga, it is said that the first four limbs are techniques we can practice, whereas the second four limbs arise after sustained effort and discipline, and with a little sprinkling of grace. This may lead to someContinue reading “The Birth of Awareness”

Practice Tip for the Week

Sometimes the best practice is a bit of Rest and Relaxation. When the pace of life seems to speed up into a frenzy, it’s important to balance all that hectic energy with a grounding practice. Some of my most profound practices come from a simple, slow and steady pranayama session, followed by a long shavasana.Continue reading “Practice Tip for the Week”

Yoga in the Jungle

Just back from an amazing weekend at Jungle Yoga with Danny Paradise. I love this place! Nothing electric, no beeps, buzzes, alarms, no flashing screens. In place of that, we stayed in floating straw huts, and listened to the music of gibbons, cicadas, hornbills, barbets, elephants, jumping fish. Afternoons we sat for discussions about life,Continue reading “Yoga in the Jungle”