New Life

We don’t really get seasons here in Thailand: there’s hot and wet, or hotter and wetter.  Noah and his ark come to mind right now as deluge hits the streets of Bangkok. I’m just back from an amazing 4 days at New Life Foundation in Chiang Rai, northern Thailand, where I shared tools and practicesContinue reading “New Life”

Ashtanga Yoga and Beginners Mind — Part 2

When I first started on this path 20 years ago (see last week’s post if you missed that) I was a grad student training to be a psychotherapist. Yoga was a way to develop a connection to my body, to heal the disconnect after a lifetime of unhealthy relationships that mirrored patterns I had learnedContinue reading “Ashtanga Yoga and Beginners Mind — Part 2”

4 Ways to Get a Grip When Things Fall Apart

If you are like many of us these days, you may be feeling the sharp edges of impermanence. Whether you attribute it to global warming, economic crisis, pole shifting, dramatic upheavals in weather patterns, or a mass rebellion against one too many passwords to memorize, change is in the air. Ok, I’ll admit, it feelsContinue reading “4 Ways to Get a Grip When Things Fall Apart”

a vote for independence–and integrity

“Despite the clarity of the teachings, we often lose sight of this essential aim of eradicating mental poisons and self-clinging. In fact, instead of eliminating those poisons, we often end up increasing them. For example, people that practice the Dharma have a tendency to gather together and organize themselves. They create institutions, Dharma centers, andContinue reading “a vote for independence–and integrity”