Keep on Keeping On

I’ve been enchanted by Taos, New Mexico, where I’ve spent the past month. I attended the Taos Summer Writer’s Conference and taught a bit at Shree Yoga, but mostly I’ve just been marveling at the gorgeous scenery. It recently occurred to me that this journey is not necessarily leading anywhere.  What a relief!  Because IContinue reading “Keep on Keeping On”

Ask and You Shall Receive

A  few days ago I walked up the hill to see Rabjam Rinpoche.  I had a few questions about how to proceed in my life.  I asked him to do a mo, or divination for me.  It turns out he refers all mo activity to one of his monks who is apparently the mo specialist. Continue reading “Ask and You Shall Receive”

Nothing Happening

Nothing happens in Bhutan.  Even when you think something is happening, it isn’t. Sure, it looks like stuff is happening.  Cows traipse in the middle of the road, eagles soar in tandem overhead, pine trees droop and drape and announce themselves with great dignity over vast expanses of hillside.  Large Indian army trucks honk theirContinue reading “Nothing Happening”

Expanding Views

I was looking out over the vast valley this chilly morning, the high peaks covered in fresh snow, and there was a moment of expansion.  Perspective, perhaps.  How easy it is to get caught in our own little world, to fixate on pain and discomfort. Standing there staring into the immense space created by skyContinue reading “Expanding Views”

Following Machig’s footsteps to Ha valley

Well things are winding down here, sadly. I would stay a lot longer if I could. Drove to Ha, the next valley over with a few friends, 2 Bhutanese girls (Sonam and Sonam) and firey Sri Lankan Ashok, giggling most of the day. We brought a big picnic and a camera, and when we arrivedContinue reading “Following Machig’s footsteps to Ha valley”