Noble Peace and the Softening of Ambition

You can’t go to Burma without seeing photos of Aung San Suu Kyi adorning the walls of almost every business establishment. Her elegant, smiling face is everywhere, and it is clear that this lady has won the hearts of the Burmese. About a week before I left for Yangon, I came across this article inContinue reading “Noble Peace and the Softening of Ambition”

Yoga in the Jungle

Just back from an amazing weekend at Jungle Yoga with Danny Paradise. I love this place! Nothing electric, no beeps, buzzes, alarms, no flashing screens. In place of that, we stayed in floating straw huts, and listened to the music of gibbons, cicadas, hornbills, barbets, elephants, jumping fish. Afternoons we sat for discussions about life,Continue reading “Yoga in the Jungle”

Thrangu Rinpoche in Malaysia

Rinpoche was in Sibu, Serawak, on the island of Borneo this past weekend to give the Green Tara empowerment. It was also his birthday! Many lamas were there from Thrangu Rinpoche’s numerous centers in Malaysia. Being one of only 3 other foreigners there, the local sangha took such good care of me! Clearly the paramitaContinue reading “Thrangu Rinpoche in Malaysia”

Two Great Masters in Sarnath

One of the saving graces of samsara at the end of the dark age is that there are bright points of light that punctuate the darkness. I have the incredible good fortune to spend a few weeks in Sarnath (where the Buddha gave his first teachings after attaining enlightenment under the bodhi tree) with notContinue reading “Two Great Masters in Sarnath”

Kagyu Monlam

I’ve spent the last two weeks in Bodhgaya with 5ooo devoted Buddhist pilgrims from all over the world and dozens of high lamas leading us in chanting and prayers for peace. Each morning from 6 am we follow along with our chant book, sometimes chanting, sometimes reading the English translation, sometimes simply sitting quietly toContinue reading “Kagyu Monlam”

Letter from Mysore

Sitting under the palm trees in my spacious garden watching the monkeys play this morning, I felt strangely, happily at home. Mysore has been a place of refuge for me for years. It’s a strange place to seek refuge: it has grown into a big city with hustle and bustle. Much of this is dueContinue reading “Letter from Mysore”