1. a person who journeys, especially a long distance, to some sacred place as an act of religious devotion

2. a traveler or wanderer, especially in a foreign place

3. someone who journeys in foreign lands

You will find here stories, observations, teachings, snapshots and articles that have inspired me on my path. I hope they also inspire you!

Click here to see who’s writing this, and please feel free to contact me at: papayayoga@gmail.com

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5 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Kim

    I like your posting. Over here, it’s not roasting and I’m not boasting, but I would like to do some more toasting and hoasting

    Love you,


  2. Hi Kim
    I am a sri lankan buddhist and i am bulding a feed content aggrigator for Blogs/websites that carry buddist/dhamma/meditation resources.. dhammapage.org

    Please may i use a cropped version of the image
    (one with the smiling young monks) as a header on that website..
    FYI- I run this site at my own charity/free time and I do not intend to post ads. realistically I can’t afford to pay you cash as I am 18 an still in school lol

    here is the cropped version http://bit.ly/bnU59Z

    I shall Post a link to your blog/website/facebook atc as a special thank you if you can let me know that you have no objections. I have already used it as a rotating header for test purposes 🙂 If you wish to have it removed; then i shall do so.

    I hope you agree, fingers crossed 🙂

  3. Thanks for the great site! I trekked my way here from your Elephant Journal article, which I truly needed to read tonight. Ah, the world is so sublimely funny how it leads us to just the message we need to read when we need it most.

    I rediscovered how much I love living alone after my 14 year marriage ended 4 years ago. The supposed need to reconnect because of some time-delayed capsule has gone off must be some mutant gene remaining from my parent’s coupling in the 50’s. My two cats keep me company just fine, thank you, and I too would welcome a man to drop by occasionally, but I’m not sure I would want to co-habitat again. The bliss of silence, openness and self-respect is pretty darn great. In the meantime I’ll keep writing, wondering and taking long baths. but not waiting. There’s too much to do out in the world.

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