Pilgrimage to Bangkok

It’s about time I played tourist in Bangkok, and a visit from my dear friend and guide Khenpo Jigme, finally got me off my seat to do it. Khenpo Jigme is my neighbor from Crestone, where he is Thrangu Rinpoche’s main teacher at Vajra Vidya  retreat center, and a whole lotta of fun!

Wat Pho and the Golden Palace, which houses the famed Emerald Buddha (which you are not allowed to photograph…) are incredibly busy during high season, but this in no way diminishes the grandeur of these massive testimonies to the power of faith.

But to me, there is something more inspiring than visiting temples to make offerings: spending time with someone who embodies the qualities of generosity and goodwill. Some people just have a good vibe, and when you are around them, you tune in to your own.  Strong practitioners exude the qualities of loving kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity. If the goal of practice to manifest these qualities, then spending time with people like Khenpo Jigme who live like this every day is one of the best teachings I know.

Khenpo at GP resized

temple grounds resized

3 coconuts resezed

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