14 Aspirations for a Happier New Year

1. Let go of something you know is not good for you.

You don’t have to be dramatic about it. Just do it. If you slip on your discipline a week later, just try again, quietly.

2. Eat more raw food.

It’s healthier, better for the planet, gives you incredible energy, and makes you want to dance, and by the way…

3. Play more!

Dance, sing, paint, write stories, make dollhouses out of shoeboxes, create fish-mobiles from paper mache, not to win, or sell, or promote yourself, but just for the hell of it. Turn somersaults in the swimming pool, jump around on the beach, eat (or make) heart shaped raw chocolate truffles. Laugh from your gut.

4. Take up (or re-commit to) yoga and meditation practice.

I know, I’m biased. But yoga and meditation change your perspective. If you want to make a shift in your life, settle down and watch your breath. Just try it. If you already have a practice, look at it again and see if it’s working. If you’re getting nicer, it’s working.

5. Stop gossiping.

Negativity breeds negativity. So guess what? Positivity breeds positivity. You choose.

6. Get some physical exercise every day.

It’s our only body–we only get one this time around. Take good care of it.

7. Smile more.

If necessary, on those days when it is not forthcoming on its own, turn up the corners of your lips and soften your eyes. You will be amazed at how effective this is.

8. Learn the power of silence.

Turn off all (I mean ALL) of your gadgets and notice what is happening around you. And while you are at it…

9. Spend more time in nature.

Mother earth supports us. Appreciate her and she will reward you with gifts: a sunset, a summer rain, a frog chorus, a symphony of rustling leaves. But she won’t come to you; you have to go to her. She’s just that way.

10. Practice generosity.

Donate to charities, give to beggars, support good causes, just because it is the kind thing to do. If you truly (be honest with yourself) don’t have the means to make financial offerings, donate your time or attention.  It helps you to appreciate the fact that you are rich enough to be give. Or, if you prefer, stew in your poverty mentality. But if you choose that, then please…

11. Stop whining.

We know. It’s hard. Practice gratitude instead. You can do it.

12. Find a purpose.

Your intention guides you through life. Are your goals in line with your values? Ask what you truly want out of life, and contemplate whether your current activities support that.

13. Love more.

Appreciate your family, friends, and colleagues even when– especially when– they bug you. Offer praise –tell them what inspires you about them. One authentic compliment can boost a person’s day, but it boosts your own day even more. And don’t forget to LOVE YOURSELF, lavishly–not in the gooey sense, but really, do you have to be so hard on yourself? Give it a break!  365 (or 366 this year) days of this and you’ve got a stellar year ahead of you. So…

14. Relax and Enjoy!

Go ahead, you can.

Published by Kim Roberts

Hi, I'm Kim Roberts. I'm a Contemplative Psychotherapist, teacher and author who shares creative practices that will transform your life. I'm also an artist. I share practical skills to train the mind, manage emotions and maintain mental health.

13 thoughts on “14 Aspirations for a Happier New Year

  1. Thank you Kimberly for sharing these aspirations. They are a good reminder! May you continue to enjoy Phuket and be a benefit to all sentient beings. A very happy new year to you, your family and friends. With love, Tracy xx (see you in Phuket next year 🙂

  2. I’ve been meaning to spend more time out doors. I love this line: “she won’t come to you; you have to go to her. She’s just that way.” Here’s hoping we all have a fabulous year. -Steve

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