Kila Nunnery


A few of us girls hiked the gorgeous one hour up to the Kila Nunnery on Sunday.  Starting from the top of Cheli La (La means mountain pass) we climbed through thick old forest and bright blooming red rhododendron.  On all sides, in the distance, were snow covered mountain ranges.  Above is a snow packed 22,000 ft Jhomolhari, Bhutans most sacred peak.  Climbing it is forbidden, as it would displease the gods.


One of the nuns, 23 year old Tenzin, and her kitten, showed us the main shrine, just above at the top of the steps.  A lovely bright girl whose easy laugh and educated english made the whole scenario seem quite ordinary.  But in fact, this is a community of 40 women living in retreat huts built into a dizzying cliffside, a days walk from anywhere.  Choden, another nun, arrived at Kila 3 years ago after having run away from abusive parents.  She first ran to her uncle, who put her to work tending buffalos, but one day she was raped by 2 village men who then threw her in the river.  So she fled again and found her way to the nunnery.  She is now 16.


With Isabel, our sparkley spa manager at Uma Paro, and Jil, our rock star chef.

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2 thoughts on “Kila Nunnery

  1. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii grande soeur,

    You look good on these pics!!! Je suis contente de voir que tout se passe bien pour toi. Tu es bien loin de la crise économique qui touche les pays “développés” et c’est tant mieux pour toi. Profite bien de tout cela.

    A bientôt

    1000 baci


  2. Hi I have been to the same nunnery. and had pictures clicked with the same nun :-)We went April this year, right after the Paro Tsechu.
    I am a travel writer and am doing some research on nuns in Bhutan- and thus reached you site.!!!
    Love your blog.

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